Swim Team FAQ

New to Swim Team or just new to BACA?  This FAQ Document has a wealth of information to help orient families to our swim team.

Swim Practice Schedule

Swimmers interested in also participating in Dive Team or Tennis Clinics, check out our Youth Summer Athletics page to see how kids in each age group can participate in 2 or more sports this summer!

Swim Meet Schedule

RMAL’s meets will start one week earlier than usual again this year, due to Champs needing to be held 1 week earlier to be able to hold it at SwimRVA.  Bon Air is still in the B division this year, but will be swimming against three A division teams in season meets!  Those teams are much larger than Bon Air, so expect those meets to last longer.

Date Opponent Home/Away
6/4 ACAC   (A division) Home
6/11 Brandermill   (A division) Away
6/18 Woodlake   (B division) Away
6/25 Walton Park   (B division) Home
7/2 Brighton Green   (B division) Away
Granite   (A division) Home
@ 8:30 am)
6 & Under “Champs” @ Settlers Landing Away

Warm-up Times for Swim Meets

Swimmers are expected to arrive for warm-ups at 4:45 pm for home meets and 5:00 pm for away meets unless otherwise instructed by the coaches.

RMAL Swim Champs

Swimmers, age 7-18, who have a qualifying time, or are BACA’s top swimmers, are invited to swim the annual Richmond Metro Aquatic League (RMAL) championships.  ALL swimmers should plan to attend Champs, as we often need swimmers to participate in relays!

  • Location:  Collegiate Aquatics Center (Swim RVA)
  • Date: Tuesday, July 16, 2024
  • Times (from 2023, 2024 may be different):
    • 13 & under:  9:00 am – 1:00 pm
    • 13 & older:  2:30 – 5:15 pm

Swim Team will cover the cost of entry for each swimmer in 2024! (Thanks to our wonderful sponsors!!!)

Swim Parent Volunteer Requirement

Swim Team is Volunteer Powered!

Swim meets are run by the families of the two pools competing.  Without volunteers, we can’t have the meet!

All families must complete 4 volunteer time slots across all of the season meets.  This is per family, not per swimmer.  Families who do not complete their volunteer slots for the season will pay a $25 fee per slot (this may be arranged in advance for families that know they will have unavoidable conflicts).  We will be cross-checking that each family has met their volunteer commitment at the end of the season (and actually volunteered at each meet that they signed up for).  Any families that did not meet their commitment will be charged the applicable fee, and will not be able to swim next year until this fee is paid.

Families will sign up via Signup Genius for their volunteer shifts.

Volunteer Job Descriptions

  • Novice Jobs:
    • Timer – Three timers are assigned to each lane to independently time the swimmers (a mix of timers from each team).  The computers average the times for each swimmer.
    • Head Timer – Handles the “backup stopwatch” used in the event of equipment malfunction.
    • Runner – Responsible for bringing DQ slips from the Judges to the Referee and then from the Referee to the Table workers.  They also collect the timer sheets at the end of each event and bring them to the table workers.
    • Heat Winner Awarder – Hands out awards (usually lollipops) to the winner of each heat immediately after the event.
    • 8 & Under Helpers – Keeps the kids that are 8 and under lined up, and ensures that they stay in the right order as they move from Clerk of Course to the side of the pool for their event.
  • Intermediate Jobs:
    • Clerk of Course – Calls swimmers with a bullhorn to line up for upcoming events in the meet, ensures they are lined up in the right order as they enter the pool deck to wait for their event, and tells swimmers when to advance through the waiting area.
    • Announcer – Announces the progression of events and provides periodic reports on meet results over a loudspeaker.
  • Expert Jobs (RMAL Training Provided and Required):
    • Computer Operators – Ensure that the times from the Dolphin timer system are placed correctly in the computer program used to score the meet.  They also verify that the times in the computer match the times on the timers’ clipboard sheets and ensuring the DQs are appropriately noted.  And yes, they DO get to take breaks to see their kids’ events!
    • Starter – Starts each race, and watches for “false starts” (when a swimmer enters the pool before they were supposed to).
    • Strokes & Turns Judges – Responsible for ensuring a level playing field (pool) for all swimmers.  They judge whether the swimmers have completed the race legally.  If they observe infractions they raise their hand a fill out a DQ (disqualification) slip.
    • Head Referee – Responsible for ensuring the meet is run appropriately and within the rules.

Swim Team Season Google Calendar

This google calendar can be imported by families to ensure that they never miss a swim event!