Guest Fees

We welcome guests of our members at BACA. The fee is only $6 for either tennis or pool usage. Tennis guest fees should be paid by the BACA member or their guest and can be put in the mailbox on the tennis hut. Pool guest fees go directly to the gate attendant only. Local guests are limited to 3 visits a season, but out of town guests are not limited.

Purchasing Guest Pass Booklets

Passes are only good for the season purchased and are non-refundable if unused.

For the first 3 weeks of the pool season, 10 guest passbooks are available at the pool gate for only $30.00 (a $60.00 value). After that, the booklets will cost the regular price of $60.

Long-term Guest Fees

The long-term fees below are intended for use by families with summer house-guests, or for members who babysit non-members’ children.

  • $30.00 per week
  • $75.00 per month
  • $150.00 per summer
  • $20.00 per week for a family of overnight guests

Babysitters at BACA

Babysitters may bring member children to the pool. The member must purchase a pass at the pool gate, which allows the babysitter to use the pool as long as the member children accompany the sitter. Cost of this pass is $50.00 for the summer. She/he may not come to the pool unless on duty babysitting the member children.

Non-member Babysitter’s Children

Non-member babysitters who also bring their own children must pay the regular guest fees for them. Please let us know who these children are, so the 3 time limits can be waived.

Member Babysitting a Non-member Children

Members who baby sit non-member children may bring them, as long as the guest fee is paid for each child. You may use regular passes or the long-term rate.