Membership Rules & Pool Safety

Bon Air is very proud to offer a safe and clean environment for its members and guests.  The goal of your Board and staff is to provide an enjoyable and safe atmosphere on every visit.  Our policies are set to ensure that we respect each other’s opportunities to have that experience.   We trust that every member and their guest will respect and adhere with these policies.  Thank you for helping Bon Air bring our community together. The following is an updated and current list of our policies.

  1. Members and their guests pay for access to the pool and tennis court recreational facilities only. Members, Guests, and Employees of Bon Air Community Association do not have access to Bon Air Community House unless they have paid to rent the facility.
  2. All members and their guests must register at the gate.  Guests must be accompanied by a member. See below for further information on guest policy.
  3. No Members, Guests or Employees are allowed inside the clubhouse without being accompanied by Management or Board Member. No members, guests or employees are allowed on the poolside restroom building roof or pump rooms. First time offenders will receive 2 weeks suspension. Second offenses will result in the offender being suspended for the summer.
  4. GLASS IS NOT PERMITTED.  There are no exceptions to this rule.  Members (or guests) that bring glass will be asked to immediately leave (with their glass) for the remainder of the day.
  5. Please deposit all trash in the trash cans.
  6. BACA is not responsible for the personal property of members, dependents, or guests, which is left, lost, damaged or stolen on BACA property. Any BACA property willfully damaged by any member or guest will be repaired or replaced at their expense.
  7. All accidents must be reported to a Manager immediately.
  8. Cigarette smoking and vaping is allowed only in designated areas outside of the pool deck and cigarette butts should be placed in appropriate containers. Trash receptacles and recycling containers are available for your use around the facility. Please use them!
  9. Abusive or profane language, threats, or breach of peace will not be tolerated anywhere on association property. Incidents will be handled accordingly, including suspension.
  10. Pets are not permitted inside the fenced pool area or on the tennis courts.
  11. Please keep all personal listening devices at low volume.  If music can be heard by an adjacent table, a lifeguard or Manager may ask you to turn it off.
  12. With the exception of Morning Swim groups and Aquatics practices, Members will not be allowed access to the pool area before the scheduled opening time. All members must vacate the pool area no later than the posted closing time.
  13. The swimming pool will be used only during scheduled hours when lifeguards are on duty. The lifeguards have the authority to close the pool at any time, in consideration of the health and safety of the members. (Cold weather, rain, thunder or electrical storms, an equipment malfunction, etc.). Everyone must leave the pool area in the event of an emergency.
  14. Dunking, pushing, running, standing on shoulders, falling backwards into the pool and rough play are prohibited.
  15. Bikes, skateboards, skates or rollerblades of any kind are not allowed.
  16. Gum is not allowed.
  17. Water balloons are not allowed.
  18. Snorkels, facemasks and swim tails are not allowed. Swim fins may be used in the lap lane only.
  19. Only single-person floats are allowed on ‘Float Nights’.  Multiple person floats or boats are not allowed.
  20. Approved life jackets, water wings and ring vests may be worn in the pools by children when accompanied in the pool and supervised by an adult. Small children and children wearing flotation devices may not be left unattended in the pools.
  21. All persons, regardless of age, must wear proper swimming attire while in the swimming pool. Cut-off (un-hemmed) or hemmed shorts, Capri pants, jeans, cargo pants, belts, baseball caps, tank tops and shirts not worn as sun protection are all considered street clothing and are not appropriate swimming attire.
  22. Showers are recommended before entering pools after vigorous exercise.
  23. Anyone responsible for non-swimmers must stay with them at all times.
  24. Non-swimmers may not use the diving boards or slide.
  25. No running is permitted within the pool area.
  26. No pushing and no dunking is permitted.

Thunder and Lightning Timeout Policy
At the first sound of thunder, the pool will be cleared for 30 minutes. Members may remain on the surrounding deck area, but may not re-enter the water until the “all clear” whistle is blown. For each subsequent sound of thunder, the waiting period will be extended another 30 minutes. If lightning is seen, the pool will be cleared and all members must vacate the fenced area immediately for a period of 30 minutes. Please be aware that the lifeguards are not responsible for watching any unsupervised children during these thunder and lightning time out periods. Managers have the authority to close for the remainder of the day due to weather conditions.

Diving Safety Rules

  1. Non-swimmers are prohibited in the diving well. No flotation devices may be worn in the diving well.
  2. Swimmers may not jump or dive to the side; they must go straight off the end of the diving board.
  3. Only one person is permitted on the diving board or ladder at a time. After jumping or diving into the water, the swimmer should swim directly to an exit before the next jump or dive is allowed.
  4. No flotation devices or goggles may be worn when using the diving board and the swimmer must be able to swim unassisted to the ladder after entering the water. Wearing eyeglasses or sunglasses is not allowed.
  5. Parents who wish to be in the water while their child uses the diving board must stay next to the ladder on the side of the pool while the child is on the board. They can swim to meet their child after the child has entered the water.
  6. The diving board has a weight limit of 250 pounds. Divers in excess of this weight may be held accountable for resulting damages to the board.

Baby Pool Rules

  1. This pool is for the use of non-swimmers only. All others are forbidden to play in it.
  2. Infants must wear a bathing suit, even if they are wearing a swim diaper. Please dispose of diapers properly.
  3. Please remind children of the proper use of public bathroom facilities.

Lifeguards are on duty whenever the pools are open.  Please keep conversations with them to a minimum when they are in the chair.  They are fully authorized to enforce all rules and regulations and to close the pools at any time because of weather or other hazardous conditions.

Kids at the Pool Without Guardians

Children left at the pool alone must be at least 10 years old and able to swim the length of the pool. Children left in the care of older siblings (age 13 or older) must be supervised by the sibling at all times. We will call the parents of children who are alone and are under age 10 or who are accompanied by a sibling who is under age 13.

Lifeguard Regulations

  1. Except in emergencies, all conversations with lifeguards should be restricted to “off duty” time.
  2. Only authorized lifeguards and authorized swim team personnel are allowed to be in the guard room or storage closet.
  3. Only lifeguards are allowed to be in the lifeguard stands.
  4. Only lifeguards or employees of the pool management company may have access to the pump room.
  5. The lifeguards and manager are fully authorized to enforce all rules and regulations and may temporarily suspend violators as they deem necessary. Lifeguards are not to be challenged on decisions concerning safety of the members or themselves.
  6. Lifeguards are not responsible for, nor are to be expected to receive or accept delivery of messages or products on behalf of a member.

Tennis Court Rules

  1. Tennis courts 1-3 are to be used for tennis and pickleball only. Bikes, go-carts, mini-bikes, rollerblades, skateboards, and skates of any kind are not allowed on the tennis courts.
  2. Appropriate court shoes are required on the tennis courts. Street shoes, bare feet, flip flops, deck shoes, sandals, spikes and cleats are not permitted on the tennis courts. Non-players are prohibited from courts 1-3 at all times.

Guest Policy

  1. All guests must be accompanied by their host member while on BACA property.
  2. All guests must register at front desk and present a guest pass or pay a guest fee if they will be using the pool.
  3. Adult members are responsible for staying with any child non- swimmers you bring as guests.
  4. Please have an emergency contact for children you have as guests.
  5. If a child who can swim and is over 10 is left with your child at BACA, the children must have emergency contact information for the guest child’s parents.
  6. Guests may come 3 times during the summer.
  7. Special rates are available to out of town houseguests of members.

Parking Lot

  1. The handicap parking spaces are for those who have an authorized handicap sticker or license plates.
  2. The loading zone is for pick up and drop off only.


BACA is a family facility which strives to create a safe and pleasant environment for member families and their children. In order to maintain such an environment, Managers, Board Members, or Lifeguards may remove persons from the facility if they deem it necessary.