Session Dates

Only approved instructors may use the BACA pools to offer swim and dive lessons for a fee.

Lessons are from June 1, 2021, until September 3, 2021, based on instructor availability. All questions about lessons are handled by the instructors. Contact information is provided below.

Sign Ups

Please contact the instructor of your choice by email or phone regarding private or semi-private lessons.

Fees for Swim Lessons

All fees are paid directly to the instructor. All ages and abilities are encouraged to participate.

Private Lessons are composed of a half hour of instruction. The cost is $20/lesson or $80/4 lessons + 1 additional free lesson. A 10% discount on the cost of the lesson(s) is available to a current swim team member and an individual who joins the swim team following lesson(s). Non-members are required to pay a $5 additional fee for one lesson or a $10 additional fee for multiple lessons.

Semi-Private Lessons are composed of a half hour of instruction for multiple swimmers in one lesson. Non-member additional fees apply.

2 Swimmers $15/swimmer
3 Swimmers $12/swimmer
4 Swimmers $10/swimmer

Approved Swimming Instructors


Instructor Email Contact #
Graham Boyle [email protected] (804) 347-1906
Emma Fenstermacher (804) 971-1535
Lilly Overbey [email protected] (804) 510-4123
Instructor Email Contact #
Kaila Hewitt [email protected] (804) 551-1285
Owen DeFrancesca [email protected] (804) 615-7666
Heather Hogan [email protected] (804) 241-7881