The Blue Streaks Swim Team is a great opportunity for children of all ages to be part of a team, improve swimming skills, and make friends.  This summer especially, our kids could all use a constructive outlet for their energy!

  • No swimming experience is necessary for any age level to join, however this year only we do require that swimmers be able to swim the length of the pool (25 yards) by themselves so that we can keep everyone at a safe distance.
  • Parents new to Swim Team will be welcomed by a “buddy family” to help them learn the ropes.
  • Swim Team is a great team sport that provides both group (relay) and individual competition opportunities, and encourages teammate support.
  • Swim Team offers a very inexpensive summer opportunity for kids to be involved in an activity every day that is engaging and will wear them out!

Head Coach:  Graham Boyle

Hi everyone! My name is Graham Boyle. I’m a sophomore in college and I swim at the Division 1 level at George Mason University, but more importantly I was a Bon Air Blue Streak for 10 years. I am super excited for a summer of fun and fast swimming. Go Blue Streaks!

Assistant Coach: Emma Fenstermacher

Hello!  My name is Emma Fenstermacher and I am pleased to be returning to Bon Air as an assistant coach. I have coached for the past three years and love working with all of the kids. I also swam on the team since being a Goldfish and am now currently a student at Virginia Tech. I’m so excited for this season and know we will have a great summer! Go Blue Streaks!

Assistant Coach: Kaila Hewitt

My name is Kaila Hewitt and I am a year-round swimmer for NOVA and a senior at Trinity Episcopal School.  I have been on the team for 9 years and I cannot wait to work with all of you this summer!

Assistant Coach: Owen DeFrancesca

Hello, my name is Owen DeFrancesca! I am a rising senior at Trinity Episcopal School and a former year-round swimmer at NOVA. I enjoy fishing, going to the beach, and hanging out with friends. Can’t wait for a great swim season!

Aquatics VP

Lauren Byrd
[email protected]

Lauren Byrd has a Senior swimmer on the team who has been an assistant coach and volunteer for the team for the past two summers and a Blue Streak for 8 years. Lauren grew up swimming for Shenandoah and year round with Poseidon. She’s a fourth grade teacher and enjoys mountain biking, paddling, and of course swimming. Go Blue Streaks!

Blue Streaks Swim Team Captains

These parent volunteers have been hard at work organizing activities that make our swim team stronger and better:

  • Swim Rep: Kristen Hicks

    Kristen has a 13 year old son who swims at Bon Air. She grew up swimming in Chesterfield, and went on to swim in college. She has coached summer league teams in the past, and is excited to use her swimming knowledge to help the Blue Streaks. She works full time as a Physical Therapist.

  • Marketing and Fundraising: Catherine Rafferty

Catherine has an Intermediate daughter, Junior son, and 2-year-old future blue streak daughter! She has no personal experience swimming, but has grown to love swim team watching her children swim over the past 6 years. Catherine works in tech at a bank, and is a Bon Air native.

  • Swim Registration: Heather Bumgarner

Heather Bumgarner has a Mite daughter and has spent the past three summers at the BACA pool. She’s a UVA/VCU grad, enjoys a good book, and loves traveling to any beach with sunny weather! She teaches STEAM at Crestwood Elementary School and seeing Monarchs at the pool is the best!

  • Spirit Wear: Stacey Donovan

Stacey has two daughters, a 12 year old Junior and a 10 year old Midget. She grew up in the Bon Air area and has been a member of BACA for several years. Stacey is a VA Tech graduate and loves seeing live music and reading/listening to a good book. She works as a Senior Underwriter for an insurance company.

  • Social:  Katie Burgess and Kristen Grayson

Katie has 9 year old twins swimming for the Blue Streaks this year. Katie works as a school librarian at Spring Run Elementary School and has lived in Bon Air for five years. She lives in the Crestwood Farms neighborhood and has enjoyed meeting new people through being a member of BACA.

Kristen’s 8 year old son Luke has been swimming for Bon Air for three years.  Kristen is a former nurse, but now a working artist.  Most days she can be found painting in her home studio or at YellowDoor Studio here in Bon Air.  When she’s not painting, she’s poolside with her sister, Katie Burgess 👆🏻, corralling the cousins.

  • Training Documentation:  Lynne Daley

Lynne has a 14 year-old daughter, Helen, who is an intermediate swimmer at Bon Air. Helen learned to swim at Bon Air pool as a toddler! Lynne works in the field of training and development and loves helping people to learn. Look for Helen as a gate attendant and Lynne as a frequent Clerk of Course at the pool this summer.

New to Swim Team or just new to BACA?  This FAQ document has a wealth of information to help orient families to our swim team.

Blue Streaks Swim Team FAQs

2021 Swim Team Fees

Member Rate

1 Swimmer $105.00
Sibling Swimmer $95.00
Swimmer Also on Dive Team $165.00
15-18 year old Swimmer $30.00

Non- Member Rate

1 Swimmer $190.00
Sibling Swimmer $175.00
Swimmer Also on Dive Team $295.00

Champs Fee

Each Swimmer $10

Note:  Discounts are available for families with 4 or more swimmers.  Contact the Aquatics VP for more details.


Online registration is available for 2021.  Registration closes June 16, 2021

Swimsuit Recommendation

The team swimsuit will remain the same as the 2021 season.  All team swimsuits are blue with the “Bon Air” logo.

  • Boys:  Speedo Endurance Jammers
  • Girls:  Speedo Endurance or Jolyn

Order online from Swim & Tri.

Spirit Wear

We have a new Blue Streaks t-shirt design this year, along with our classic Blue Streaks swim caps.  To purchase these items contact Stacey Donovan or Efa Davis (our Spirit Wear Captains).

Age on May 31, 2021 Classification
6 & Under Goldfish
7 & 8 Mites
9 & 10 Midgets
11 & 12 Juniors
13 & 14 Intermediates
15 & up Seniors
Dates Practice Days Age Group Practice Time
School Year 5/24 – 6/16* M, T, W, R, F Juniors, Intermediates & Seniors 4:30-5:15 pm
Mites, Midgets 5:15-6:00 pm
6/1 – 6/16* Goldfish 6:00-6:20 pm
Summer 6/21 – 7/16**
All swimmers
7/19 – 7/20
Champs practice only
M, T, W, R, F
(morning option)
Goldfish 8:30-9:00 am
Mites, Midgets 9:00-10:00 am
Juniors, Intermediates & Seniors 10:00-11:00 am
M, W, R
(evening  option***)
Goldfish 5:00-5:30 pm
Mites, Midgets, Juniors, Intermediates & Seniors 5:30-6:30 pm

* 5/31 – No practice on Memorial Day, 6/17 – No practice due to 1st Swim Meet, 6/18 – No practice for Juneteenth Holiday

** 7/2 – No practice for July 4th Holiday

*** Evening Practice only for those who cannot attend morning practice.  We only have 6 spots available for each group, due to limited capacity of the pool and this being high traffic hours.

Parents will not be permitted on the pool deck during practice in the morning.  There is adequate space outside of the fenced area.  During evening practice, parents will have to be registered through Membersplash to swim in a lane in order to be permitted into the pool area (which will be the requirement for all members wishing to enter the pool area during Phase 2). 

Directions for practice:

  • Health waiver must be signed prior to starting the swim season-this will be available the first practice as well as emailed.  Please do not send any swimmer if they answer yes to any of the health questions on a daily basis.
    • Fever >100.4 or a sense of having a fever?
    • New muscle aches, not attributed to activity?
    • New cough?
    • New shortness of breath?
    • New chills?
    • New sore throat?
    • Within the last 14 days.. have you been exposed to COVID-19 case?
  • Swimmers will enter through the bottom gate at designated time, place items on steps on tape, then proceed to an open tape spot behind lanes. There will be a max of 3 swimmers per lane.  Swimmers will be asked to maintain distance at walls.  Coaches will assist.
  • Swimmers will be released 5 minutes prior to end of practice and exit through the top gate. Please be prompt to pick up your swimmer.
  • BACA items used during practice will be sanitized between use.
Date Opponent Home/Away
6/17/21 Charter Colony Away
6/22/21 Greenfield Home
6/29/21 Stonehenge Away
7/6/21 Brighton Green Home
7/12/21 Surreywood Away

Warm-up Times for Swim Meets

Swimmers are expected to arrive for warm-ups at 4:45 pm for home meets and 5:00 pm for away meets unless otherwise instructed by the coaches.

Swimmers who have a qualifying time, or are BACA’s top swimmers, are invited to swim the annual Richmond Metro Aquatic League (RMAL) championships.

  • Location:  Collegiate Aquatics Center (Swim RVA)
  • Date: Wednesday, July 21, 2021
  • Times (from 2019, 2021 may be different):
    • 10 & under:  9:00 am – TBD
    • 11 & older:  2:30 pm – TBD

Cost:  $10 per swimmer


We have new Spirit Wear this year!

T-shirts are a super soft 60/40 blend, with Adult Sizes Small through X-Large, and Kids Sizes Medium & Large.

  • Adult T-shirts $15
  • Kids T-Shirts $10
  • Coozies $5
  • Latex Swim Caps $4
  • Silicone Swim Caps $10

Stacey and Efa (our Spirit Wear Captains) will be selling these items at some of our after-school swim practices.

Swim Team is Volunteer Powered!

Swim meets are run by the families of the two pools competing.  Without volunteers, we can’t have the meet!

All families must complete 4 volunteer time slots across all of the season meets.  This is per family, not per swimmer.  Families who do not complete their volunteer slots for the season will pay a $100 fee (this may be arranged in advance for families that know they will have unavoidable conflicts).

Families will sign up via Signup Genius for their volunteer shifts.

Descriptions for each position can be found below (tap or scroll over each position to see the description).

  • Timer


    Three timers are assigned to each lane to independently time the swimmers (a mix of timers from each team).  The computers average the times for each swimmer.

  • Runner


    The runners are responsible for bringing DQ slips from the Judges to the
    Referee and then from the Referee to the Table workers.  They also collect the timer
    sheets at the end of each event and bring them to the table workers.

  • Heat Winner Awarder


    Hands out awards (usually lollipops) to the winner of each heat immediately after the event.

  • Meet Setup Helper


    Arrives early (4:30) at the home meet to help set up equipment for the meet.  No experience needed!

  • Goldfish & Mite Helpers


    Keeps the Goldfish (aka Mini-Mites) and Mites lined up, and ensures that they stay in the right order as they move from Clerk of Course to the side of the pool for their event.

  • Clerk of Course


    The Clerk of Course workers call swimmers with a bullhorn to line up for upcoming events in the meet, ensures they are lined up in the right order as they enter the pool deck to wait for their event, and tells swimmers when to advance through the waiting area.

  • Volunteer & Swimmer Check-In


    Arrives early (4:30) at home meets to check in home team volunteers and swimmers as they arrive.  Identifies and manages any last-minute volunteer staffing issues.

  • Announcer


    Announces the progression of events and provides periodic reports on meet results over a loudspeaker.

  • Head Timer


    Ensures that all timers understand their jobs prior to the start of the shift, handles the “backup stopwatch” used in the event of equipment malfunction, and troubleshoots any timing issues that may arise.

  • Computer Operators


    The Computer Operators (Meet Managers) ensure that the times from the Dolphin timer system are placed correctly in the computer program used to score the meet.  They also verify that the times in the computer match the times on the timers’ clipboard sheets and ensuring the DQs are appropriately noted.  And yes, they DO get to take breaks to see their kids’ events!

    RMAL Training provided and required.

  • Starter


    The Starter person starts each race, and watches for “false starts” (when a swimmer enters the pool before they were supposed to).

    RMAL Training provided and required.

  • Strokes and Turn Judges


    Strokes and Turns Judges are responsible for ensuring a level playing field (pool) for all swimmers.  They judge whether the swimmers have completed the race legally.  If they observe infractions they raise their hand a fill out a DQ (disqualification) slip.

    RMAL Training provided and required.

  • Head Referee


    The head referee is responsible for ensuring the meet is run appropriately and within the rules.

    RMAL Training provided and required.

This google calendar can be imported by families to ensure that they never miss a swim event!


Bon Air Aquatics are proudly sponsored by:

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