Membership & Other Fees

We are thrilled to offer our club at the same reasonable rate without an increase in fees for the past two years.  There is also no initiation fee for new members. Single Memberships are limited to those 18 and up.  Your bill is due on or before March 15 each calendar year, with a special discount of $25.00 should you choose to take the discount (postmarked on or before March 15 – no exceptions).  As suggested by the BACA focus group, we are offering a payment plan (on time discount does not apply) and credit card payments.  Installment plan payments of 1/3 each are due:  March 1, April 1, May 1.

Standard Membership Pricing

Membership Type Annual Fees Initiation Fee
Single $310 Free
2-Person Family $440 Free
3-Person Family $520 Free
4-Person (or more) Family $560 Free
Senior Single $280 Free
Senior Couple $390 Free