Pool Rules & Pool Safety

Bon Air is very proud to offer a safe and clean environment for its members and guests.  The goal of your Board and staff is to provide an enjoyable and safe atmosphere on every visit.  Our policies are set to ensure that we respect each other’s opportunities to have that experience.   We trust that every member and their guest will respect and adhere with these policies.  Thank you for helping Bon Air bring our community together. The following is an updated and current list of our policies.

  1. All members and their guests must register at the gate.  Guests must be accompanied by a member.
  2. No glass of any kind will be permitted in the pool area.
  3. Please deposit all trash in the trash cans.
  4. BACA is not responsible for members’ valuables or injuries.
  5. Dive masks and snorkels are prohibited.
  6. Floats larger than 20″ are prohibited anytime other than designated Float Nights.
  7. Swim suits are required.  Showers are recommended before entering pools after vigorous exercise.
  8. Anyone responsible for non-swimmers must stay with them at all times.
  9. Non-swimmers may not use the diving boards or slide.
  10. No running is permitted within the pool area.
  11. No pushing and no dunking is permitted.

Infant Pool Rules

  1. This pool is for the use of non-swimmers only. All others are forbidden to play in it.
  2. Infants must wear a bathing suit, even if they are wearing a swim diaper. Please dispose of diapers properly.
  3. Please remind children of the proper use of public bathroom facilities.

Last Revised April 2019

Lifeguards are on duty whenever the pools are open.  Please keep conversations with them to a minimum when they are in the chair.  They are fully authorized to enforce all rules and regulations and to close the pools at any time because of weather or other hazardous conditions.

Kids at the Pool Without Guardians

Children left at the pool alone must be at least 10 years old and able to swim. Children left in the care of older siblings (age 13 or older) must be supervised by the sibling at all times. We will call the parents of children who are alone and are under age 10 or who are accompanied by a sibling who is under age 13.

Pool Guest Rules

  1. All guests must register at front desk and present a guest pass or pay a guest fee if they will be using the pool.
  2. Adult members are responsible for staying with any child non- swimmers you bring as guests.
  3. Please have an emergency contact for children you have as guests.
  4. If a child who can swim and is over 10 is left with your child at BACA, the children must have emergency contact information for the guest child’s parents.
  5. Guests may come 3 times during the summer.
  6. Special rates are available to out of town houseguests of members